Web Design -Your Own Website in Just 5 Hours -Even Beginners


Title: Web Design – Your Own Website in Just 5 Hours – Even Beginners

Course Description:

Welcome to the “Web Design – Your Own Website in Just 5 Hours” course, specially crafted for beginners who want to fast-track their journey into web design. In just five hours, you’ll gain the skills and confidence to create your own website, no prior experience required. This hands-on course is designed to be accessible, engaging, and empowering for those looking to establish their online presence quickly and efficiently.



Module 1: Introduction to Web Design (30 minutes)

Kick off your learning with a brief introduction to the world of web design. Understand the key concepts, terminology, and the importance of a well-designed website.

Module 2: Setting Up Your Workspace (15 minutes)

Learn how to set up your workspace for web design success. Install essential tools and create a conducive environment for a seamless learning experience.

Module 3: HTML Basics (1 hour)

Dive into the fundamentals of HTML, the backbone of web design. Explore tags, elements, and document structure to create the foundation for your website.

Module 4: CSS Styling (1 hour)

Enhance your website’s visual appeal with CSS styling. Learn to use selectors, properties, and values to add colors, fonts, and layout to your HTML elements.

Module 5: Responsive Design (45 minutes)

Understand the importance of responsive design and learn how to make your website look great on various devices. Implement media queries and flexible design techniques.

Module 6: Basic JavaScript for Interactivity (1 hour)

Explore basic JavaScript concepts to add interactivity to your website. Learn about variables, functions, and simple scripting to engage your audience.

Module 7: Design Tips for Beginners (30 minutes)

Discover design tips and principles that even beginners can apply. Understand color schemes, typography, and basic user interface (UI) design to create visually appealing websites.

Module 8: Building Your Website (1.5 hours)

Bring everything together to build your own website step by step. Follow along as we apply HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create a fully functional and aesthetically pleasing site.

Module 9: Launching Your Website (15 minutes)

Navigate the process of launching your website to the world. Learn about domain registration, choose a hosting platform, and publish your website for everyone to see.

Module 10: Troubleshooting and Next Steps (15 minutes)

Wrap up the course with essential troubleshooting tips and guidance on the next steps in your web design journey. Understand common issues and where to go from here.

This course is designed for absolute beginners, making web design accessible and achievable in just five hours. By the end, you’ll not only have your own website but also the confidence to continue exploring and expanding your web design skills. Enroll now and build your online presence today!


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