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With Creative Teach, you can upgrade your skills, gain tech fluency, and be ready for tomorrow.

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Creative Teach aims to provide High-tech skills to individuals to future-proof their careers and prepare them for upcoming workforce challenges.

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Professional Tutors

Learn from top industry experts through videos, articles, quizzes, and discussions.

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Boost your coding, data analysis, design, and digital marketing skills with expert-led training.

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Upskill yourself to become eligible for coming trends and jobs.
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We provide thousands of on-demand, expert-led courses and let you learn at your own pace to help you close skills gaps.


How to Access Course

Step 1

  • Register & Log in with Password: If you have purchased an online course, you can access it directly by following the course instructions to log in

Step 2

  • Navigate to your course: Once you have successfully logged into your account, your online products will be displayed in the relevant section. To access a course, simply click on the course title or for a full list of all courses click on “View All Your Courses.” As purchased.

Step 3

  • Launching your course: Under click on course title, then click on the icon to launch the course.

Step 4

  • Complete the course: Individuals are required to meet an average passing score of 75 percent or higher for the different courses, where applicable. Most of our basic courses are offered as a “learning tool”, improve your skills, learn a new skill, etc. and not based on an examination/certification process. Individuals are allowed two attempts to successfully complete the course. If the individual is unsuccessful on the second attempt, access to the online test will no longer be available.

Step 5

  • Certificate: Upon successful completion of the test (75 percent or higher) you will be prompted to complete an evaluation form prior to printing your certificate. Simply click on the “Transcript” tab; then click on the “Certificate” button to print your certificate, where applicable.
  • The course creator will advise the you how to set up a Zoom appointment if required and where applicable. Most online courses are run online as a module Q&A format with supporting online e-books text and self-learning tutorial videos, and not with an instructor or the requirement for a Zoom session.
  • This is not required. There is no tutor for our online courses. Any issues will be directed back to us – our team of Custoemr Service reps are on hand to help. We will then follow up with the course provider if there is an issue with the course or unhappy – if necessary and applicable. We will manage it.
  • Contact our your Service Team via email for any queries, issues or concerns.
  • All our courses are conducted online